graphic user interface design (ui / mobile): design of the communication tool without feeling of "instant messaging"

I am working on the application within the medical industry. The purpose of the application is to connect patients and health professionals and allow communication, download special packages with additional information, etc.

The tool must:

  • allow a chronological view of the activities (the most recent activities at the bottom)
  • give a possibility for the patient to make a request or send files to the health professional
  • It does NOT feel like an instant messaging tool, therefore, there will be no "free text" field. We want to dissuade patients from writing too often and we would like to avoid putting too many expectations on how often and how quickly the health professional can respond. It is not a chatbot / chatbot solution

I have been looking for some inspirations from other industries. This is what I have found so far.

Example 1

This is a bit too much like "instant messaging".
example 2

Do you know any other good example that can help inspire me and design this tool?