Gosora Forum software: extremely fast and with many functions | Promotion Forum

Cosora has been promoted to the default theme for now, but is likely to make way for the next set of themes, Leta and Nox. There is always a new theme.

Tempra Simple was the first issue of Gosora and has evolved a lot, although it has some fatal faults that I will have to solve, or I will end up replacing it with a new theme.

Frankly I have added and changed so many things that I can not remember most, but let me see if I can write the main parts.

First of all, I rediscovered that I have a function that preloads the next page of themes in a set in advance rather than waiting until I click on it, bypassing the latency of hitting the server for it. I added it nine months ago and I forgot it completely o.o

I'll see about how to improve that soon. As I said to other people, I'm taking it to a numbered version, v0.1.0. One step will be the updater that will allow you to update Gosora through the command line and allow you to jump from compilation to compilation.

I have added about 300 phrases as a gift to someone who was interested in translating the software. We also track the language that the end user has set in their operating system, even if they sent a language header (usually a bot), I discovered some very interesting statistics with this.

Most topics are frozen until the updater is completed to avoid division efforts and more routes are now crawled, including the robots.txt file.

Fix MSSQL and move the routes to the new package have been increased to the highest priority, although moving the routes is not trivial, so even with a few nights, it will be very difficult, I will have to walk a little better with that.

I've always liked the exclusive Tempra Simple and Shadow designs, so I'll see what I can do to align them with the expanded feature set, since they're a bit stretched right now.

Tempra Conflux could be the next to be reduced, the Tempra Cursive theme will almost certainly be reduced, it was a good experiment, but the time has come to put it in eternal rest as Cosmo.

Profile owners now receive alerts for profile comments. The templates of login, registration, IP search and error are now transpiled, so they should be about sixty times faster than before.

According to Stack Overflow, it is not the most reliable source of information, but it will serve to give some context, take it with a pinch of salt, the interpreter's template is about the pinnacle speed of PHP7, while the transpiler is much more Fast, and I'm going to fix a recent performance regression by adding the approximately 400 sentences (almost 2 times slower) to return the topics to their place (essentially freeing them, although it's going to take a little work).

My head hurts, so it is possible that I missed some things, but this should be the biggest part. I've also been doing a lot of refactoring to facilitate code maintenance, and I've added support for Slackbot on the user agent analysis page.

Let's see if we can get that alpha (precursor of v0.1.0), that should be fun. :)