Google stinks

Well, your experience is your experience, mine is different. This does not mean that many searches do not offer a good response quite frequently, but I am not so impressed by search results in any search engine, since even the design of the results pages sucks me.

Ryan remembered the word hate, which is strange, because to think that Google sucks for various reasons and hatred are very different things in my mind and now these emotions are related, I'm not sure, but I guess emotions might appear somewhere if one allows it. such things to be a factor.

For my part, I would love to see a UK SE for UK users, for example, since Google is a trouser full of US biases. UU If you really want to ask why we would want another for a reason to be paerticluar (either real or thrown to see the views). ), but that's just a perspective, is not it?

As it is yours to say "why would we want another". One reason I could / would say maybe it's because Google is, as Bart says, "pants" if we want to ask the question.

Now where I dropped that key …