Google Spreadsheet Query Function Without Blank Rows

im trying to combine multiple sheet with this query function,

=query({‘LJK 1′!C3:C,’LJK 1′!D3:D,’LJK 1′!E3:E,’LJK 1′!F3:F,’LJK 1′!G3:G,’LJK 1′!H3:H,’LJK 1′!I3:I,’LJK 1′!J3:J,’LJK 1′!K3:K,’LJK 1′!L3:L,’LJK 1′!M3:M,’LJK 1′!N3:N,’LJK 1′!P3:P;’LJK 2′!C3:C,’LJK 2′!D3:D,’LJK 2′!E3:E,’LJK 2′!F3:F,’LJK 2′!G3:G,’LJK 2′!H3:H,’LJK 2′!I3:I,’LJK 2′!J3:J,’LJK 2′!K3:K,’LJK 2′!L3:L,’LJK 2′!M3:M,’LJK 2′!N3:N,’LJK 2’!P3:P})

it do combine em all in one sheet. The problem is, it also combine the empty row, so the combined sheet doesnt look so good, how to query without those blank rows?