Google Shopping: if I only have one image of a product, how can I find it to buy online?

I would like to find a SPECIFIC product online, new or second hand.

All I have is a picture of the product. All the labels have been scammed. I do not want a replica, or something very similar. I want to find the product that EXACTLY matches the article in question.

How can I do this? I am open to receiving free and paid services, but I want a service I can trust, of course!

For example, I would like to know exactly where to buy this plush rattle, new or used. But how can I do that?

Note: I have tried several reverse image searches online, without success. I'm looking for a service where I pay someone $ 10 if they deliver me when they find me the product I'm looking for. Once I have it, I would gladly pay $ 50!

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