google sheets: indirect formula to add table field to vlookup formula

So I have to get a price based on 3 variables
Diamond size
Diamond quality
Diamond shape

So I made tables depending on the shapes

This formula is working
Diamond size = H11 = 1
Diamond quality = $K$3 = 3
Diamond shape = 'DIAMOND PRICES '!$A$64:$F$103

=VLOOKUP(H11,'DIAMOND PRICES '!$A$64:$F$103,$K$3,FALSE) = correct answer 600

So go ahead to add the diamond table variable
I get the answer
G11 = 'DIAMOND PRICES '!$A$64:$F$103

=VLOOKUP(H11,(indirect(G11)),$K$3,FALSE) – #REF!
You read it correctly but I get this message:

Function INDIRECT the value of parameter 1 is 'DIAMOND PRICES '!$A$64:$F$103'. It is not a valid cell / range reference.

The only difference I can see is the ' in the end so I'm not sure why it's there, or why the formula doesn't work or doesn't read the formula correctly.