google search console: sitemap could not be retrieved

Having examined the structure of your directory, it would appear that many (all?) Files at the root of the document (where you have uploaded sitemap.xml) are not accessible: all return 404 Not found when publicly accessed.

It seems that this could be a Laravel application and maybe you're rewriting everything in the /public subdirectory (a pattern of typical use with Laravel). In which case you should move sitemap.xml (and any other file that should be publicly accessible) to /public subdirectory.

To confirm this, we would need to see the content of its root .htaccess archive. (Edit your question to include this).

TO UPDATE: your .htaccess The file confirms the above.

RewriteRule ^$ public/ (L)
RewriteRule (.*) public/$1 (L)

From your .htaccess file at the root of the document we can see that all requests are rewritten in the /public subdirectory. So, a request for is rewritten internally to

This means that the root of your document is "effectively" /home/winnerrs/public_html/publicno /home/winnerrs/public_html, as you thought for the first time.

You need to move the sitemap.xml archive of the public_html directory to the public_html/public directory.