Google Search Console continues to report spam keywords on our site even after cleaning a hack

Just before the previous Christmas, our website was hacked, and our Christmas gift was some files placed on our server and a redirection to an online pharmacy that sells viagra. Merry Christmas to us! Fortunately, we found out a couple of days after it happened, so all files and redirect files were deleted. We also bought security software and everything seemed to return to normal, except that our traffic remained low.

However, we recently discovered in our Google Search Console in the Link tab and then in Main Anchor from External Links (my Google Console is in Portuguese, so maybe it doesn't translate exactly like that …) that the word " viagra "is the third most popular link term on the list … Now, how bad is that? We export the list of external links and find quite a few related to "viagra" … I'm still not sure if those link pages are still online, since I haven't reviewed them yet.

Do you think that still negatively affects our website? How can we delete that word "viagra" from our Google Console?