Google Analytics – 2 views or properties for subdomain

I'm launching separate e-commerce stores both in the USA. UU As in the United Kingdom. The sites will be almost identical, selling almost identical products.

The United Kingdom will be in a United Kingdom. Subdomain of the main URL.

Anyone visiting the main URL of the United Kingdom will be redirected to the UK site based on their IP address. Some marketing links and any visual marketing will always have to go to the main URL, so there will be some redirects.

In the long term (1-2 years) I hope to merge the sites.

Question: should there be two views or two properties? I have received comments that indicate that users act very differently in the two countries, so different properties must be used.

Will the redirections be easier to monitor in any of the configurations? Will I be able to see better the real source of redirects to the United Kingdom through the use of views?

I am very new to this, so please, feel free to spell anything obvious!

Thanks for any thought.