Good luck blocking these ads …

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Of course, take a sound meter and find out if the sound is beyond the noise control ordinances and, if so, file a complaint with the law or code and see how it is likely that they do not care. Although it is likely that they have some kind of exemption or that the sound of the announcement is not loud enough for another noise for distance requirements. I've seen those ads at the Kroger service stations, but it's usually for your gas stuff and not like the chicken in Kroger.

They can be extremely noisy in some places, many can be heard outside the property of service stations, they get louder when nobody is around.

Most would violate the CALM Act, but only reproduce their own ads, so the volume is always the same (in those times, the days were horrible, they fall asleep at night and a warning with a volume of 4000% wakes them up) . Most police officers will not conduct an investigation into the private property of the Service Station unless a crime involving persons or property has unfortunately been committed: / (theft, theft, fraud, theft, bets (unless for the lottery or allowed by the state outside the casinos), murder, battery, etc.).

There is also the unfortunate problem that the attendant at these luxury stations is usually just an employee or contractor and has to take their complaint and send it to the chain. As most systems are controlled remotely by companies