gnuradio – GNU Radio USRP overflow

For some reason, when a run the GNU Radio flow graph below, I get a overflow (‘O’), a Underrun (‘U’) and late commands (‘L’) displayed on the console and, soon after, the execution of the signal path that includes the use of the USRP (Ettus B210) ends, freezing the output in the graphical sink. Depending on the GRC configurations (like the sample rate, samp_rate = 240k works, sometimes) and by eliminating other applications on the computer (basically just running GNU Radio) allows for it to actually continue to work. Below there is also the output log on the prompt. I would like to know what is the solution of this problem, an alternative to execute this or, at least, a meg=thod for me to investigate what is going on.

Some info:

OS: Windows 10;

RAM Memory: 4 GB

CPU processor speed: 1.1 GHz

enter image description here

enter image description here