gmail: How can I get my email to show my name when others try to write me a message?

When people try to send me emails, the "To" line is displayed like this:

It does not show up like that, which is what I want:


This can not have anything to do with my contacts, because I have tried with several people to whom I have never sent emails or contacted.

This is what I mean. I have some friends who have a Gmail account to which I have never sent an email or with whom I have communicated. However, when I write your email on the "To" line in Gmail, your name and email appear as shown in the second image.

I asked to see if the same thing happened to me, and it was not like that. My email appears twice as in the first image. It was not just your account. I tried it with several people and I got the same result.

This is a problem for me because the people who have my email but not my name will not be able to see my name and all they see is my email account.

Also, my "Google Name" is my name. I changed it 2 days ago to see if the problem would be resolved, but my email is still displayed.