Giveaway for my Forum? | Forum Promotion

Yes and no, Giveaways are a good idea to get members to join and to try and enter to win :) but you do have to think ahead. Not trying to put it down, I have run many giveaways myself and the aftereffect is bad.

  • After the giveaway is ended, people just become inactive and no longer be around
  • depends on the game or the prizes that you are giving away. Most people rather try and enter if it’s $50 or to $100 first prize. If it was an old cheap game worth $10 or less then no one would be interested, if it was a new game worth $80 then people will say yes to COD.

It’s hard at times, for very small sites it can be hard. I did a giveaway for Max Pyan pack ad only three entered and the person who won did not even claim it :( and so I just gave it away elsewhere.