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My story … at the One and Only Bencivenga 100 seminar by Gary Bencivenga

Imagine a direct marketing seminar / text writing from a parallel dimension.

Not a single nauseating tone or pitchman during the entire two-day event. Nothing for sale, even if you wanted it.
Alsatian wine and even champagne are served with a 3-course lunch in the penthouse of one of the most luxurious hotels in New York. The next day there is a cocktail that serves the top shelf. This is included with your seminar registration.
The sum of actionable knowledge, acquired throughout life, of the legend of advertising writing is delivered on a silver platter.
Almost all the advertising and direct marketing (and aspiring) superstars are present and recognize this as one of the milestones in their careers
And the war cry for this most unique meeting? "Why not the best?"

If you have been in an event in the field of direct marketing, it would be reasonable to conclude that it was a parallel dimensional experience.

However, everything was very real.

Gary Bencivenga and Gary Halbert. Of course, I'm talking about the Bencivenga 100 Seminar that took place in New York City ten years ago.

Since each attendee agreed not to disclose any proprietary information about Gary, the only way to obtain this information, if it is still available, is through his limited release DVD set, which I will see later.

Significantly, there were several attendees who had never attended a direct marketing seminar in their lives before.

What was that for?

Because these assistants were the real deal, earning their livelihood as royalty writers with numerous controls under their belt or direct response players of the highest caliber, not some aspiring fairy tales who simply because they have hung a tile in line Imagine themselves as the best editor in the world.

Bankrupt of 37 years of age, a seller borrows the registration fee of $ 5 thousand from his wife … and from his mother. The prospect of missing the Bencivenga 100 seminar was unacceptable

I would have given my fangs to attend the Bencivenga 100.

Oh, wait, I almost did it!

While I have no intention of taking this down a road from Horatio Alger, a little background story makes the point.

Anyone who has been able to positively channel the anger of being financially unprepared knows that great things can arise. And putting all your eggs in one basket, even when you do not have many, often leads to rapid advances. Such advances, despite conventional wisdom, could not be achieved in two lives of "play safe".

Not long before this event, I filed for bankruptcy. And like most of those who have taken this path, it was the consequence of bad decisions and bad thoughts.

When I received the announcement that the registration for the seminar was opening in February 2005, I did something that I found very uncomfortable. In fact, I would have preferred to sit on a giant saguaro cactus. (I'm Arizonan) First I went with my wife … and then I called my mother … and I asked them to lend me $ 2,500. I was tied and this was the only way to secure my place in the seminary.

It is assumed that a man of my age is the one who distributes the dosh. Do not ask for it But I had to get out of hand if I wanted to be in New York in May.

When you're tied, $ 5K you do not have is the same as $ 50K is the same as $ 500K. The difference is a pair of zeros and perception.

A week later, I had a check delivered to "Accounting Advertising" and sent the mailbox from Gary City Garden to FedExed.

Now the pressure was on.

I not only wanted to liquidate my account with my wife and mother for yesterday, but I was returning to my city, New York, a place where I had lived (and done almost everything) for 15 years.

But I was not returning alone. I would be traveling with my wife and my 16 month old son. On top of that, we had planned a birthday party for my wife in New York and we would be inviting our friends … some of whom got six-figure bonuses on Wall Street.

I wanted to return as a winner … and the clock was running.

At that time, I had just developed my first information product, which was a system for tracking the most successful space advertising in history using giant but little-known online databases. I gathered all the testimonies that I could and I started feverishly to contact possible partners of joint ventures.

With several members on board, I scheduled a launch in April, just one month before the seminar.

Info marketing: a great way to start the day.

I will never forget the feeling of opening my email program on launch day and seeing hundreds of inclusion confirmations flooding my inbox.

And there were also orders. Many of them … with an "accompanying" sound that is accompanied when downloading the order messages.

The sound of "Ding, Ding, Ding" during the next week ensured that this would be a great trip.

By the time we had landed at JFK, I had raised just over $ 32,000. After subtracting the affiliates' commissions and expenses and saving some taxes, they had raised more than $ 15,000. Five thousand went back to my lenders, five went to the bank and the other five went in my pocket.

Now, when I say that this was in my pocket, I mean literally. I had a wad of fifty $ 100 bills in my pocket. Walking through Manhattan with those C notes stored in my pocket quickly exorcised the negative feelings I had two months before. And paying everything with C notes, from the MetroCards cards to the tabs of the $ 800 restaurants, gives you a sense of power that the plastic can not touch.

The four-word statement is a lifelong driving force: "Why not the best?"

The seminar began on Friday, May 20 at the St. Regis Hotel. The energy level was off the lists. I have been to innumerable seminars before and since then and nothing compared to the energy of that event.

Of course, the environment was more what one would associate with a room full of Goldman or JP Morgan i-bankers, not a group of editors and direct sellers.

However, that was the reason why we were there.

Bencivenga was making a statement celebrating the event at the St. Regis instead of the Hotel Pennsylvania. In fact, he began his presentation by recognizing his education in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a place that could be 1000 miles instead of the 11 miles from Midtown Manhattan.

That statement was: "Why is not it the best?" Best of all … in marketing and in life. And he was supplying us with the tools to have it.

A hyperbolic tone sounds but this was the watershed event. It should not be repeated.

Some recent evidence of this.

A few months ago, I exchanged emails with an assistant who is one of the top five royalty writers today. Unless you're inside, it's not a name you recognize, since it has nothing to do with the internet marketing game.

This is what he said about Gary's seminar almost two years after the event:

My mind only captured a hundredth part of all its good ideas. In fact, since the b-100 I have created some of my greatest advances.

Bencivenga gold coin

In a 2004 newsletter, Gary Halbert wrote about how Bencivenga gave him a solid gold coin. This was the tradition of Thanksgiving Benci to recognize someone who has positively affected their lives. Gary Halbert spoke of how significant this was for him despite the fact that the coin was lost in one of the many hurricanes and discombobulations of his life.

Little did I know that I would leave the seminar with a gold coin of my own: an Australian nugget of .9999 of a quarter of an ounce.

The reason?

Me and two other assistants: Roger Amerman and Joe Polish got 10 out of 12 points in the "He chose the winner" contest. This was a contest in which two versions of a direct mail package were shown and each participant chose, which he believed was better. . In most cases, the difference between the two packages was the owner.

It was a success to win this contest given all the talent of direct marketing and advertising writing in the room. I attribute it to a part of luck and a part of obsession with researching winning space ads.

The funniest scene in the seminar: three world-class writers, Jim Punkre, David Deutsch and John Carlton, all leaving the widow to the fire escape twenty stories above street level.

The DVDs of the Bencivenga 100 seminar: anyone who did not attend the seminar missed the event of his life. It was not just the information, but the environment, the superstars that attended and the incredible energy. But if it is that the information verses do not have it, then the DVD package is worth many multiples of $ 5,000.

When one of the world's most successful writers says today two years after the fact: "My mind only captured a hundredth part of all its good ideas" that speaks for itself.

Before the offer was opened to the general public, each attendee received his own DVD set and a beautifully bound and copiously illustrated transcript in FedExed. Although it took almost two years to receive this, it was really like receiving a Christmas gift in February. I have never seen such high production values ​​before.

However, there was only a limited number of games, so at the time of this reading, I can not say if it is still available. All I know is that my set is in a safe place.

If nothing else, print this sales letter, snap it in and pull out your highlighter. It's out of the persuasion lists.

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