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We are professional IT technicians and we produce SUPERDESECTED AID MONEY FOR ALL CURRENCIES. Our notes are produced industrially and professionally. We use quality aluminum foil elements. 20% cellulose and 80% cotton paper. Our invoices have Infrared Detection, which makes our invoices bypass UV machines, pen testing and even eye detection buy counterfeiting experts. Our notes are of grade AAA + with the following quality: -Holograms and micro-letters of holographic stripe Ink and metallic thread
IR detection
Ultraviolet characteristics.
-View through features
-Different serial numbers.

These characteristics make our invoices 100% undetected, 100% safe and safe to use in any of these areas: BANKS, CASINO, ATM, MONEY CHANGERS, STORES. They are 100% not detected.

Trust yourself when you contact and do not tell me your past experience when you were ripped off. I think that any body that has even been swindled due to the purchase of counterfeit money was for small amounts. The shipment is from Morocco. The shipment will take 3 days. We give you tracking numbers too.

Why buy with us?
Our tickets contain the following security features that make you a genius and we have the best degree of counterfeiting in the world, both in euros and dollars, and in the invoices you want.
Security features of our bank notes below:
Intaglio printing
Security thread
Transparent record
Special sheet / special sheet elements
Iridescent stripe / changing colors.

Our tickets are printed on 80% cotton, 20% cellulose paper, which differs substantially from plain paper. By using a special printing technique, several image elements on the front of the note are identifiable by touch. The guidelines for detecting counterfeit currencies offer a comparison of genuine and counterfeit security features.

– Our invoices / notes avoid everything, counterfeit pens and machines.
– It can be used in banks, but it can be used in other places where it is the same as normal money

EUR – Euro
USD – United States Dollar
GBP – Pound Sterling
INR – Indian Rupee
AUD – Australian dollar
CAD – Canadian dollar
AED – Emirati Dirham
ZAR – Rand
CHF – Swiss franc
CNY – Renminbi Chinese Yuan
MYR – Malaysian Ringgit
THB – Thai Baht
NZD – New Zealand Dollar
SAR – Riyal of Saudi Arabia
QAR – Qatar Rial

We offer free shipping from minimum and higher orders.
The delivery takes 48 hours maximum, the packaging and shipping method are discreet.

E-mail… [email protected]
skype, … activetraders66_1
Through WhatsApp +32467841521
Website …

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