geolocation – Acceptance of location requests on websites?

We are starting to build a website with an adaptive design (sensitive philosohpy).
Because adaptive design is not just about designing web sites that adapt to the size of the screen, we want to include all the parts (for our relevant site) of the sensitive web. (for example, what time it is, what season and other events)

And a large part of the adaptive design is the part of the location.
But I'm concerned about the acceptance of sharing your own position.

For example, I and several friends are annoyed by Google's constant requests if he can use my current location (mainly on the mobile site). I will not let you track my location on websites, where I do not need it.
Location request in Google Mobile Search

The question is:
How big is the acceptance of location requests? Do you find most annoying or useful users?

Location detection over IP is not accurate enough. Then, we either ask for the location or we can not show the specific content of the location.

What we are asking is:
Question by location:
We need to consult the user's location right at the beginning of the website. Then we can specify our content to show. But it could annoy the user, which we will not do.

+ Content specific to the location, which reduces the steps to obtain the information that the user wants
- Requesting the location may annoy the user and may not use the application …

Do not ask about the location :
+ The user can simply start navigating the information on the site
- The user will have to click through the structure of the website to find the information sought. Depending on the information sought, there could be more than 3 steps and it will frustrate the user.