genetic algorithm – consider a simple AG

Consider a simple AG to solve the problem below. To do this you need
code the problem as a binary string, configure pc = 1, use a single point or multiple
point, or even crossing, and bit mutation mutation with your choice of pm. by
Parent selection, use a random selection form or selection of the roulette wheel. To establish a
Size of the population and select a stop criterion. Next, configure the remaining configuration
Parameters and end your GA coding.
2. Run your GA code.
3. Make the following changes to your GA code and compare the results.
change the initial starting points (initial solutions) 3 times
change the mutation probability 3 times
change the population size 3 times
This will result in 3x3x3 = 27 executions for the problem. (3 sets of initial solutions
for all combinations of three different population sizes and three mutations
4. Analyze your results and provide a summary, both tabular and graphical.
Discuss the results and your conclusions.