[ Gender Studies ] Open question: Feminists and anti-feminists: Why are everyone so stupid?

Both femininity and masculinity are defined arbitrarily and vary greatly from one culture to another. NO personality traits or abilities are inherent or exclusive to men or women. There are more than 7 THOUSAND MILLION people on this planet, and among them, a variety of variations. You can not seriously generalize the massive half of a massive population based solely on gender. Just because you perceive that the majority is one way does not mean you can ignore the many exceptions. We are not living in prehistoric times, we no longer have to stop fulfilling the simplified roles of "protector" / "caregiver" to survive. In any case, forcing people to play those roles in a society that has already advanced beyond them hinders our progress. You are all idiots, everyone has a right and they are all imbeciles. I can not believe that people take your discussions seriously. All of you are completely upside down. I wish he was dead. .