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How do we feel about gender and sports? This may be relevant for men and women, but obviously there is a great focus on the latter, due to the marginalization of them. The sport was created "for men by men", which can potentially trace to what extent sexism is such a preponderant issue not only in sports, but also in modern life. However, when it comes to sport, sexism, for example, can be used to separate or exclude women from "male sports" that use physique and power, rather than the elegance and grace of the sport. "Dance and gymnastics", for example.

We can presume that these problems are shrinking, but stereotypes still exist. Perhaps there are not enough people who challenge gender stereotypes and "normal behavior" and we need to see more "male dancers" or "boxers", for example. There must also be more appreciation for the individual in his reflective sport. This means not comparing Premier League women's football with the men's Premier League, and simply enjoying it for their own purpose.

What could we be to educate those who do not appreciate or are potentially sexist? Because at the moment I think that a massive problem is the sexualization of women. Not only is this demeaning to the well-being of the athlete, but it also distracts his sporting achievements.