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Hello,Outdoor is not only your "same old" gaming community, in we strive to achieve a community that works for each type of player, be it Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, Android, Windows, Mobile, etc. . , from the professionals of the competition to the soccer mom who plays mobile games while the children fight in the field. We are constantly improving our community by implementing updates taken into account from the comments of our members. We believe that everyone in the world "plays" one way or another, and we're interested in hearing all about what kept a smile on your face over the years, or a newly discovered gem.

Let's be honest, life can be stressful, take a break and relate to a community that is really interested in your passion for the game, and you! Are not you ready for the discussions related to the game yet? No problem! Check out our Coffee Time board to share your thoughts and read the off-topic discussions created by our amazing members.