fujifilm – Identify the old Fuji movie of 1987

I have a set of old color film negatives that I want to send to a PlusTek OpticFilm 7600i film scanner. The scanning software is VueScan (it used to be SilverFast).

The main problem I have is that I can not identify the movie. This is necessary if I want to avoid applying the magic by hand for each negative color scanned (due to the characteristics of the film and the emulsion).

So far I have to trust the following metadata:

  • Brand: Fuji
  • Information about the film at the top: "Fuji – 36"
  • Information on sensitivity and emulsion: 100 • 610B (I suppose it means: 100ASA, emulsion code: 610)
  • Probable date of purchase: Q4 / 1986 or Q1 / 1987 (presents a photo of the partial eclipse of March 29, 1987)
  • Country purchased: Brazil
  • The bar code at the bottom is not the "complete" DX bar code, but rather:

    xxxxx x x x x x x xxx
    x x x x x x x

Due to the shorter barcode at the bottom of the movie, the online DX decoding applet is useless.

Any help is welcome.