fstab – Best way to mount HD’s?

I’ve been away from Linux for a while and am now a bit confused with mounting procedures.
By default, only the SSD with my root file system was mounted after installing Ubuntu 20.04.

When opening the default Nautilus file manager, I can easily mount other drives but those are not persistent mounts and come under /media/<user>/<drive>.
What I would ideally want (on a multi-user system) is that drives are mounted at startup on /media/<drive> using /etc/fstab (or whatever other way is better).

At the moment, I’ve added those drives and they’re working but Nautilus is a mess and so is Nemo.
Nautilus: Under the “Devices” (bottom left) section, I can see the drives but when I click on them, an error comes up that the device isn’t mounted. I can browse through to /mnt/<drive> and access the contents though.
Nemo: handles it a bit better, there they show mounted and I can click on them to used them. However, in the “My Computer” section, they also show up and give the not-mounted error.

Here’s my custom /etc/fstab addition

/dev/sda1   /media/CT1000MX  ntfs   defaults    0   0
/dev/sdb1   /media/160G      ntfs   defaults    0   0   
/dev/sdd2   /media/DATA-2    ntfs   defaults    0   0
/dev/sde1   /media/WDBLUE1TB ntfs   defaults    0   0
/dev/sdf2   /media/DATA-1    ntfs   defaults    0   0

Except for my Windows drive, all others should be mounted automatically for all users without throwing all these errors in a file manager.
Any suggestions to clean this up would be greatly appreciated. If these are specific issues with these file managers, I’m certainly willing to replace them with another that doesn’t have this behavior but I have a feeling I’m just doing something wrong.

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