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TurnKey Internet provides Dedicated Servers, Placement, Web Hosting, Cloud and Virtual Servers from its Green Data Center operated and operated by the company. Since 1999, TurnKey Internet has built a reputation for outstanding personalized service, reliability and value. Owning our own data center allows our on-site 5-star staff to answer your questions quickly and provide complete solutions directly from our expert team located in the same building as your servers. We are experts in the Cloud Hosting and Datacenter space with a true dedication to your online success every step of the way.

ALL of our New York packages include:

  • Server placement (1 server, rack mount, secure cabinet)
  • 100% SLA network availability guarantee
  • Data center GREEN – Data center with solar and hydroelectric energy, responsible host!
  • IPv4 address included in the dedicated port of Cisco Layer 3
  • Ready for IPv6! FREE / 64 IPv6 subnet for each Served Server
  • Free 24×7 telephone service, live chat and technical support technical support
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 3N UPS and dual generator protected power at site 2N
  • Restart the web-based remote server
  • Monitoring the server in real time
  • Real-time bandwidth graphics
  • 30 minutes of remote hands per month (2 incidents)
  • No term contract is required
  • HIPAA, PCI audits
  • SSAE-18 SOC 1 and SOC 2 Certification

Placement III : 1000 Mbps GigE Placement Server Package Unmetered

  • Placing a single server in NY
  • Up to 4U Rackspace
  • Up to 4 amps of protected power at 120 v (additional power at $ 15 / month per ampere)
  • 1000 Mbit Gige Dedicated port
  • 1000 x 1000 Unmetered bandwidth
  • Monthly transfer of 300 TB
  • 8 IP addresses (IPv4) (/ 29) in the dedicated port of Cisco Layer 3, 5 usable ips

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Placement II : 100 Mbits Placement Server Package without measuring

  • Placing a single server in NY
  • Up to 2U Rackspace
  • Up to 2 amps of protected power at 120 v (additional power at $ 15 / month per ampere)
  • Dedicated Port of 100 Mbit
  • 100 x 100 Unmetered bandwidth
  • Monthly transfer of 30 TB
  • 8 IP addresses (IPv4) (/ 29) in the dedicated port of Cisco Layer 3, 5 usable ips

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Placement I : 10 Mbits Placement Server Package without measuring

  • Placing a single server in NY
  • 1U rack
  • Protected power from 1 amp to 120 watts (additional power at $ 15 / month per ampere)
  • 10 Mbit dedicated port
  • 10 x 10 Unmetered bandwidth
  • 3 TB monthly transfer
  • 4 IP addresses (IPv4) (/ 30) in the dedicated port of Cisco Layer 3, 1 usable IP

Now $ 19 / month * [Originally $99/mo] It was 25% discount NOW the 80% discount for life! | Order now

* The discounted price reflects the annual prepayment commitment: see our holiday promotions page for all the details, exclusions and limitations.

See our fully dedicated server packages | See our Virtual Server and Cloud packages.

We offer a wide range of placement options, including 42U total lock cabinet racks with dual 30Amp 120v (or 208v) power drops. All the positioning power is supported through our 3N UPS / Battery system, as well as our 2N dual generator system on site with more than 7 days of fuel autonomy.

Complete racks, 1/2 Racks, 1/4 Racks, 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and custom cages available. Bandwidth speeds of up to 10GigE available.

Contact us about your placement needs in New York, we can customize to meet your needs.

Why Colocate with TurnKey Internet?

We understand that in the decision-making phase, you always want to have maximum confidence in the online partners you choose. TurnKey Internet is committed to your online success in every way possible. TurnKey Internet was awarded by the State of New York with the Environmental Excellence Award, and the EPA of the US Federal Government. UU We were awarded the second Energy Star Datacenter certification in the state of New York due to our zero carbon footprint from our advanced Green Data Center located in New York. The US Small Business Administration of the Federal Government UU He awarded TurnKey Internet the prestigious Small Business Excellence Award and countless Reader & # 39; s Choice and Web Site Review awards. But nothing can tell you the whole picture better than the testimonials and verified reviews.

TurnKey Internet distinguishes itself from the competition by its unwavering commitment to customer success through fast, courteous and professional customer service. Our A + rating on the Better Business Bureau, combined with our 3-star certified by a buyer and our verified customer testimonials at https://turnkeyinternet.net/reviews/ will give you the confidence to select TurnKey Internet as your partner in line success.

The New York data center owned by TurnKey Internet is 100% environmentally friendly using our own on-site solar power generation plant combined with hydropower for the rest of our use through New York's New Recharge Power System York Our facilities have the highest certifications and policies as verified by our audited certification SSAE 18 SOC 1 and SOC 2.

Owning our own data center in New York, along with our own servers, equipment and full-time staff allows us to pass a level of savings to our customers that is extremely competitive, in addition to providing a technological framework that is administered in-House for greater reliability and security. Our data center based in New York, located in the heart of Tech Valley in the state of New York, is housed in a former federal government building. Use the latest in cutting-edge technologies focused on the environment that are backed by our 100% uptime and 30 days money back guarantee. TurnKey can meet any IT requirement that you or your company may have, from servers dedicated to placement, virtual desktops, cloud, office, mail servers and more.

FREE IPv6 addresses : We provide native IPv6 addresses, along with the most popular IPv4 addresses that are already included in your account. This means that your applications and websites will be ultra fast and directly accessible to anyone on the Internet using traditional IPv4 addresses, as well as the new Internet expansion with IPv6 address. You do not need to do anything different, we simply make your hosting a future proof here on TurnKey, and it is IPv6 enabled when you stay with us!

TurnKey Colocation is the ideal solution for companies, service providers, small businesses and IT resellers who want a stable, high-performance environment in which to fully control their hosted assets.

By using our next generation placement service, you can control your hardware, software and networks according to your needs without worrying about the support infrastructure. By doing so, you will immediately recognize huge savings and you will also feel reassured knowing that your equipment is housed in a secure and audited 100% sustainable, green facility and SSAE 18 SOC 1 and SOC 2.

Traditionally, customers would create their own localized infrastructure, which is costly and inefficient, which makes placement with TurnKey Internet the ideal solution. By locating in our facilities, you can concentrate on your business and not on office networks, power or server problems that affect localized facilities and office infrastructure. We offer redundant networks, power and cooling to ensure your services remain online and accessible at all times.

Our facilities are networked redundantly with several pairs of TIER-1, which allows us to offer several connectivity options that allow our clients to reach their hosted infrastructure as quickly as possible and without worrying about the downtime of the network. network, which is completely protected by SLA.

All placement clients have access to their equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and also receive network reboots per port or per band, at no additional charge. Whether you buy a single U, multiple racks or a full cold containment POD, we include re-usable PDU or PDU ports with EVERY placement purchase.

At TurnKey Internet, we are available 24/7 to help you with all your needs.

Are you stuck in a contract or do you want to migrate from your current provider? Are you looking to update or change existing provider? We cover you with additional bonuses and assistance to ease the transition:

Transfer and PURCHASE CONTRACT Special: transfer from another provider at the end of this month and receive:

  • FREE Service Month
  • FREE Migrant Assistance
  • FREE contract purchase
  • FREE double bandwidth bonus

Read the full details of the purchase of the accommodation contract at https://turnkeyinternet.net/policies/#buyout, or contact your account executive for full details.


At TurnKey Internet, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and the environment. TurnKey Internet's Energy Key Certified New York Green data center uses 100% renewable energy and officially achieved the elite status of a ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT. By using a dedicated solar power generation plant on site, together with the hydroelectric power network, all the energy used in our hosting services and placement services is 100% renewable. Our facilities use Smart Aisle Cooling and Cold Containment Pod technology to make our data center the most efficient energy of its size anywhere. For more information, read our Green Initiative page.

All discounts are for life, as long as you keep the product active, paid and with the account in order, your discount will be applied during the useful life of the product you order.
Coupons and special offers are limited to 1 per customer, only for new orders, and can not be combined with other coupons or special offers. It can not be used to transfer from the existing TurnKey Internet service plan. Discount offers and coupons are applied to the main purchase price of the product. Any additional element, such as certain control panels, features, administration or operating systems may have an additional cost.

Server and website migrations FREE : TurnKey Internet makes the migration to our web and cloud hosting services easier than ever by managing all the migration work of your websites and servers, including all emails, databases, websites and applications . More information
The price may seem incredible, it is our investments in the ecological data center of our company that allows us to operate at lower costs than the competition to provide these incredible values ​​and to remain a profitable company that has existed since 1999. For more information About TurnKey, visit https://turnkeyinternet.net/about.

Additional costs may apply to certain control panels, hardware or software add-ons, features or operating systems; see the orders links above and the shopping cart to know the options.

To our current loyal customers: We love you! We do not like companies to treat new customers with better discount offers than their existing loyal customers too! We have excellent news for you, buy any new Black Friday offer today and we will add & # 39; 1 & # 39; free month of service to the new product for every year that is a customer! Keep in mind that you can not cancel or transfer an existing TurnKey service with these Black Friday discount rates, but you can request a new service with these discount promotions and enjoy additional months of free service as a bonus for your continued loyalty!

About TurnKey Internet:

All servers are hosted in our ecological data center, certified by SSAE 18 SOC 1 and SOC 2, which complies with the HIPAA law, is ENERGY STAR certified, in the Tech Valley region of New York. Alternative technologies such as generation of solar energy on the site, the cold containment capsules, the hydroelectricity and the SmartAisle cooling have completely eliminated our carbon footprint and have made us the best of the best in energy efficiency in the whole country.

Since 1999, TurnKey Internet has built a reputation for outstanding personalized service, reliability and value. TurnKey is dedicated to success every step of the way. TurnKey maintains an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau and was the winner of the 2012 Small Business Excellence Award from the US Small Business Administration. We are experts in hosting the cloud and data center space, and we are here to help you with all your hosting needs.

Do not just trust us: see these verified customer testimonials and our perfect 5 star Shopper Approved rating.


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