Fresh Store Builder Vs Associate-O-Matic

I just started using FSB after more than 5 years of using Associate-O-Matic, my initial thoughts are that FSB is a much superior product in almost every respect.

A bit of history here: I have been an Amazon Associate who has been building Amazon Partner sites for about 7 years, I started as an Adsense editor using WordPress-based sites and I was looking for ways to attract people to my sites and it seemed that Amazon Associates As a good way to add things, in those days it was all an HTML manual link and it was hard work. In my first year my Amazon Associate earnings were $ 21, then in the second year it was approximately $ 190, then I got serious and in the third year I started using AOM and many things in black hat and I earned enough to buy a brand New Kawasaki Ninja 250 (around $ 4000).

I did it well for a while with AOM after spending hundreds of hours looking for ways to modify it and overcome many of its inherent weaknesses, then in the end it became increasingly difficult and I am convinced that it is impossible to do well with all that duplicate content. .

Now I realize that the way forward is a clean and unique content and good ethical SEO, Associate-O-Matic has no hope of doing so, but FSB allows me to create my own content and the resulting website looks a lot more professional than what AOM sites can see. .

I would be interested to know of someone else who has experience with both.

Ironically, I signed up for the unlimited license for FSB in 2012, but I did not start using it until this year because I did not appreciate what I could do.