Freelancer keeps delaying my money. keeps delaying my money. I have followed all the rules, I have active jobs, I am not prohibited and has delayed my 3 withdrawal requests 3 times. Claim the 15-day waiting rule. My first request was a month ago, the second one a week later. The last one was on August 26. I contacted them today and they told me they will not pay me until the 21st.

"Sometimes we have to delay payments because we can not verify the funds." I have many clients there, can not verify a single payment that a client made to me independently?

I told the power company, the internet company and my landlord that I could pay them on Monday, September 10 and that my public services will be closed on Tuesday. I have not eaten in 2 days because I only had enough food to feed my children. I do not know what to do. I worked hard for all that money and I think I should also cancel the rest of my projects because is a scam and refuses to pay me.

I just do not understand it, I have all the 5 star reviews. I followed all the rules. They will not even escalate the problem above.

What I can do? I just need to get my money to pay my basic bills. I do not know how to get my money.