FREE online biometric authorization for your website to stop spam and trolling!

Hi all!

I want to ask you for advice on our new login system
BID uses facial recognition for the authorization process instead of logins and passwords.

First, it is FREE and you are ready to use the authorization form for any website (and for future applications).
The BID authorization form can be integrated in a couple of minutes on any website.

We hope this helps stop spam, scam and online trolling.
It will make the process of content moderation much easier.

How does it work in couple's words?

  1. You send 1 to 10 seconds of video of your face from your webcam.
  2. The system recognizes your face and returns a unique number (BID) related to your face.
  3. The website can use this number to identify the user.

To protect the system from any cheating, there is a mobile application, available only for Android devices for now.

Watch this video DEMO (15 sec.):


Presentation of the IDB:

Thanks for any advice, question and criticism.

PS: Dear forum administrators, if you see this message, I hope you try our system for the digital point forum!