Free and predefined themes VS. Design your own WordPress template

Well for everyone, I created this thread in a video that I found very interesting, which has made me think a lot about the topic of web design. What is better a default template or a unique and personal theme? I would like you to comment if you have any design preference, or if you have another idea to make designs.

Everything depends on the money, time and knowledge we have. I think the best thing is to adapt to the moment and the need of each situation. The default templates have attractive and totally responsive designs, which saves us a lot of time and effort. It is also true that many of these models are used by many people, so our design will not be unique. To create a personalized theme we have to have time and knowledge, we will also have to make our response format.

These are one of the reasons why I find why to discuss this topic. For me, the intermediate idea is to build a theme based on a predefined template. In this way we can make themes 100% responsive and personalized. Can you think of something else?

What platform do you use: WordPress, blogger, etc? To create your own designs use a visual editor or edit with code?