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The Grif Coin Forum pays the messages with their tokens that can be exchanged in the exchange, the result of the exchange of 100 Grif.

Grif cryptocurrency forum –


The project is still young and requires the active participation of users to complete the content. To motivate the participants, an incentive system was introduced. Each message is paid for the GRIF coins.

To create a new theme – 2 GRIF
For the answer in the subjects – 2 GRIF.
For reference – 1 GRIF.
For the creation and response in the themes of your reference – 1 GRIF.

Because the flood will be punished. For violations of internal rules will be punished.
For floods and oftopik – fino 15 GRIF
For violation of internal rules – a fine of 5 to 1000 GRIF

There are also incentives at the discretion of the administration of the "Tartaria" project.

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Payment from the forum.