forms – Two-factor fields, email code + authenticator code. One page or two pages for the entry?

I have a user action that requires a 2fa mobile authenticator code and also a copy and paste of an email (a code). I am trying to determine if it would be better to have a single dialog view with input fields for both and a send button. Or have two separate dialog views, the first being the email code dialog and the second the authenticator dialog.

Pros for the same dialog:

  • The user can see all the authentication requirements in advance
  • Clarifies when there is a validation error to which field it belongs to (it does not change to either or see where you should know if it is in the authenticator view or in the email code view)

Cons for the same dialog:

  • If the user enters the mobile code before the email code, it is very likely that the 2fa code expires at the time you send the form.
  • Potentially cognitive overload?

What are your thoughts?