forms – How important is "autocomplete" to the user experience?

Well, I have the obvious user form. (Name, address, etc.).

I realize that Google can automatically fill in this form, which is quite useful. However, I also notice that in our case the autocomplete does not work. Nothing is suggested and it remains empty.

After further investigation, I learned that Google will not automatically fill out the forms if they have a behavior called "controlled" below it: a change event, for example.

In our form, we have the change to "constantly" store the fields on the back-end server (if there is a connection, and the last one saved occurred more than 400 ms ago). This avoids the need for a "save" button (it is still there for users to do so as an anchor to give them the feeling that they are committed to the server, as well as a cancel button that restores old field data ).

So what would be better? Have a traditional form with the "save / confirm", "cancel", etc. buttons, which allow the autocomplete to automate the completion. Or do you have a managed form that apparently prevents Google from completing automatically, but allows automatic saving (and only expects Google to work one day)?