forms: ask the user to check the categories of an element and then show the category-specific options


In my web application I have a form in which the user must complete some information about a generic article, say a car. Among all the standard information (name, description, etc.), I ask the user to verify the categories to which the article belongs according to their belief (for example, "Sport Car", "Subcompact Car", etc.) .

Now, depending on the category marked, I need to ask for additional information from the user. For example, if he / she marks "Sport Car" I need to show another way requesting information related to "Sport Car" (for example, maximum speed) while for a category of "Subcompact car" the average consumption.

Possible solution

Let the user fill out the car form (with the category check boxes), then the system will store the car object in the database with its categories marked. After that, the user can specify the information related to the category in a special page that says "Advanced options" that, depending on the categories of the object, will show the entire form related to the category.

I am still not convinced, since I would like to make the information related to the category mandatory if the relative category is marked.

Any suggestions?