Form File Upload Field generates multiple copies of Image Files (different sizes): Is this a WP feature or is this being done by the Plugin

During the building of Forms that needed to capture user files, I noticed that image files (gif, jpg, etc) appeared to be automatically multiplying (files were automatically being generated with various aspect sizes) … as part of an email submission process, only one of these files was expected to be attached to a submission email … in order to accomplish this, had to add a custom file filter to eliminate all but one of any of these files.

Now needing to do some investigation, as ALL of these size variation files appear to be being ignored by the aforementioned filter, ending up on the submission emails.

Would be nice to know:

  • where these files are being generated; WP or Plugin
  • whether there is a way of turning OFF this “FEATURE”

I suspect there may have been a file naming convention change in recent releases of either the Form Plugin or WP … will know more once I review the custom filter code which after several years (even with comments) seems alien