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Where can I find investors or maybe someone here at bmf interested in 10% of each monthly return? Forex trading for 9 years. And for now I can do ~ 12-13% in each month, stable.
I will send you earnings after the end of the month, through PayPal. There are no bitcoin transactions! ALL operations must be clear and your money will be absolutely white.
I left my daily job last year and get the bank's credit. They offer me a maximum of $ 2k and I change that amount in Forex.
So for now I have ~ $ 200 of profit each month. $ 130 that I pay every month to the bank (for credit), the rest $ 70 will pay me.
In addition, I earn some money by giving signals to my subscribers for Forex signals.

I need good investors with Deposit starting at $ 3-5k. My percentage will be 2-3%, your fixed 10%. Is it possible to find these people here?

At the end of the month (November) I made a profit of 13% for my investors.
Bob invested $ 3k in early November. At the end of the month, I send Bob his profit = $ 300 (through PayPal). And the $ 90 is mine.
Harry invested $ 1k in early November. At the end of the month, I send Harry his profit = $ 100 (through PayPal). And the $ 30 is mine.
Emma invested $ 4k in early November. At the end of the month, I send Emma her profit = $ 400 (through PayPal). And the $ 120 is mine.

! For really interested investors: I can negotiate 1 week in a real account that opens in any broker that you want. So I can not withdraw money, because I will not know the login on the agent's site (only in the terminal) and can see the results of the trade.
I accept PayPal payments only. NO bitcoin wallets!

Write any question here, or pm me.