find if the column of the PostgreSQL table is empty with minimum cost

I need to find if there are any values written to the column but with minimum cost.

There is a table with ~1B rows and about 100 columns with data. I need to find columns that have no data at all (all nulls) and delete them. If I query like “SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE my_column IS NOT NULL LIMIT 1” then it costs me 1-2 minutes and I’m looking for the faster solution.

As far as I know (but not sure), if there are no data at all for the column, there is some property in the database saying that the chunk or the table has no data for this column, at least this happens when adding a new column to the existing table, so the database doesn’t update all existing rows if the default value of a new column is NULL. I wonder if there is a fast way to get a result based on this info.

P.S. I use timescaleDB extension and the PK is a timestamp, if this changes anything