filters: placeholder text in the WP task manager field

I have WP Job Manager and I notify that if I am going to publish a job without an account, it establishes two added fields of username and email at the top of the standard work form # submit-job-form.job-manager-form for Create the Account as part of the process. It is annoying that the placeholder for the email field is "your @ domain", which is a hoax, so I want to change this typo to ""

There is a tutorial on how to change placeholders with specific filters for this form here

When I inspect the field in chrome I see:

I have tried the following:

// Add your own function to filter the fields.
add_filter (& # 39; submit_job_form_fields & # 39 ;, & # 39; custom_submit_job_form_fields & # 39;);

// This is your function that takes the fields, modifies them and returns them
// You can see the fields that can be changed here:
Administrator / blob / master / includes / forms / class-wp-job-manager-form-submit-job.php

function custom_submit_job_form_fields ($ fields) {

// Here we go to one of the work fields (job_title) and change its label
$ fields['job']['create_account_email']['placeholder']    =

// And return the modified fields
returns $ fields;

I have WPJM Field Editor but since it is not one of the work fields provided, I thought it would be easier to add a filter to the functions. Does anyone know the correct way to point to this particular field if it is not up, since I am not sure if it is part of this form or not from a filter perspective? Thank you