Filtering: DeleteCases pattern that applies Chop to all elements

In my current macro, I have:

DeleteCases(Chop(FullSimplify(RowReduce(something))), {0 ..})

This works well for both exact and numerical complex numbers in my "something."
However, the result returned is "Chop-ped "of course.

I would like to obtain total accuracy (for all elements) also in numerical cases.
I tried to use:

DeleteCases(RowReduce(something), {x_..}/;PossibleZeroQ(Chop(FullSimplify(x))))

This works fine while everyone "x"(in a" row ") are exactly the same.
Then p. eliminates {1.*^-11, 1.*^-11} but unfortunately it does not remove {0, 1*.^-11} neither {1.*^-11, 0}.

Could you please help me with that?