feeds – Best technologies to create this media hosting service?

I’m sorry for this is not a general question, but a rather subjective one to my case.
I’m an android developer in my profession and I need a web-related consultation. I’m building a small media hosting service that should contain several main functions:

  • image, gif and short-video upload (simple like Imgur)
  • have users. register by mail or username
  • users ability to rate, tag, and leave comments
  • homepage is a custom feed of this media being uploaded, filtered by the user’s unique interaction with it (bring similar media based on some algorithm I create). also options for pages like trending and hottest.
  • can create “lists”- a simple page that the user can post images from the DB into it (like a simple Tumblr page). other users can comment and follow the page (will appear on feed).
  • can create “groups”- other users can post images from the DB. they can also comment and follow the group.
  • several front end visualization methods of the images, like slideshow, open book, etc.

As you can see there is a lot of work here in many aspects. I need a powerful server logic, image hosting mechanism, working with user data analysis to create the feeds, and a sleek front end mechanism. now, I have pretty good programming skills, but I’m not very familiar with web design.

So my question is: what are the best technologies and frameworks I should use to accomplish all this? I’m looking for the uppermost frameworks so I can avoid boilerplate code, learn an entire language from scratch (unless if I have to), and unintentionally reinvent the wheel and waste time.

Thanks for helping!