Facebook – Configurations frozen in fb redux and I still need help!

I asked here in the fall and nobody knew what could be wrong and the problem was a constant frustration and now it has been a year since I was able to use the popup window in the chat sidebar to adjust my active status settings in FB and the way they are frozen still somehow overrides any other place that I have active selected, so I am functionally disconnected despite being active on both the laptop and the phone. I asked everywhere and tried everything and did not get anything, and tonight, with a bit of renewed frustration, I went back to Google and, luckily, I saw how to use the console to see if there was an error and, in fact, there was. When I try to enter content and press OK I get

ErrorUtils detected an error: "Invalid to set the visibility of the current user". Subsequent errors will not be recorded; See https://fburl.com/debugjs.

That link is a dead-end page that only has a broken thumb.

So now that I have this new clue about the problem, can someone help me understand what is happening or guide me to someone who can help?

Thank you!!!!

This was my initial question about it:
I really need help with Facebook's frozen settings