explorer: is it possible to eat an object affected by Allfood in combat? If so, how is the damage handled?

I realize that this is a very strange and seemingly pointless question, but listen to me about this. Recently I have been evaluating the most creative uses of spells that seem useless in combat but that can be useful in the right conditions. I found the spell All food. It's a pretty useful spell that can turn anything into a consumable food as long as it falls within the spell's weight parameters, 5 pounds. by level of spell caster. Of course, the limitation of this spell is huge in that magical element, a rescue is obtained to cancel the effect and any SR of the object requires a check of the level of the launcher to overcome.

The way in which this can be implemented in combat is quite interesting. In my view, it should be possible for a character to disarm his opponents, steal their weapons and make those weapons become food. Beyond that, there is always a devil in the details, specifically for the act of eating. Eating food was something like a non-combat task that had to be taken care of during breaks and was not considered for use in combat, so there seems to be no rule about how long it takes to eat or if it is even. feasible to do in combat.

The first question: What action should it be? According to the rules, it seems that a standard action would be necessary to hold a weapon and bite it, similar to how an enemy is held and attacked on a hook, only the object (usually) will not respond in this combat. case. However, one could argue that it could / should be a full round action: if the object is completely inanimate, it could be considered in the same state as a helpless target and that is essentially giving it a coup de grace. Attacking her voraciously with your teeth. Obviously, despite whatever action you may take, the action should trigger attacks of opportunity.

And that's the only simple part of all this proof that I can reason, and it's not even a decisive answer. The rest of the details seem to be very difficult to find information about if there is any information. These details are the following:

  • How much harm would this eating action do to the object? As indicated by the Allfood spell, the hardness is reduced to 0 only for the sole purpose of eating the affected object (and not damaging the object in any other way), so the damage must directly affect the hit points of the object, but What is that damage? how it is calculated
  • Is an object under the influence of Allfood considered impotent to make a coup de grace? I do not even know where to start, but I will assume that it simply is not possible unless someone wants to provide some evidence to the contrary.
  • Can a creature with a natural bite attack use it to eat a weapon that is under the influence of Allfood and cause its bite damage to avoid the hardness of the weapon? ?

I sincerely doubt that there are rules for this configuration, so this will be considered a discussion of the house with the purpose of obtaining answers. However, I would appreciate someone finding and sharing some RAW in any rule book published by Paizo that could be applied to this scenario.