explorer: How do the ki powers of the Qinggong monk's spell ability interact with the mystic Wisdom function of the sensei?

the Sensei The monk archetype allows, from the 6th level on, a monk to use the ability

Mystical Wisdom (Su)
At level 6, a sensei can use his council ability when he spends points from his group of ki to activate a class ability (using the normal actions required for each one) for that ability to affect an ally within 30 feet instead of the sensei. …

It makes a Qinggong The spell ability of the monk ki-powers – taken in replacement of the characteristics of the class, such as trade "Slow fall" for the SLA "True Strike" – counts as "class ability" for the purposes of "Mystical Wisdom" capacity?

And if so, he has the ability "It affects an ally within 30 feet instead of the sensei himself" Does it mean that the spell effects of the SLA affect the ally or would they only get the ability to cast it themselves?