exploits – By using multiple different Boon Focus IIs, can I invoke multiple blessings in a turn?

Part of the description of Boon Focus II is:

If the invocation time for a blessing is 1 minor action, it can only be invoked once as a minor action.

My confusion comes from the last sentence. It seems that the last sentence implies that each blessing invoked as a minor action is considered separate, and you can invoke two or more blessings as a minor action.

For example, with Boon Focus II: Bolster and Boon Focus II: Barrier, I can invoke both blessings in the same turn as minor action. I do not need to keep both blessings (the first turn that is invoked is free) because (or always) does not hold any other blessing.

I was expecting the opposite: you can only invoke a blessing as a minor action, because you can only take one type of each minor action, in this case: Summon Boon. The only way to circumvent this rule is to consider each invocation separately as a different type of minor action: invoke the Boon barrier, invoke Boon Bolster.

Can I invoke multiple blessings in a turn using smaller actions if I have two different Boon Focus II?