Executing Visual Studio 2019, stored in a remote server

I have a personal computer, and a server. On both systems, Windows 10 Pro is already installed.


I want to execute Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise on my personal computer, but place the application’s installation locations on the server.

Full explanation

On my personal computer, I have a total of 32Gb of disk space. It goes without saying that the OS takes most of it, leaving behind at most 500Mb of free space. On the server, there’s more than 500Gb of disk space. It’s more than enough to install virtually any software that’s currently publicly available.

My problem is that I can only execute Visual Studio 2019 (either community, pro, or enterprise) on my personal computer. I want to develop Android applications with Visual Studio, but the server doesn’t have a recent enough processor to allow hardware acceleration, and in order to run an android emulator, I need this feature.

So, I’d like to know if it’s possible to store the application on the server, but still be able to run it on my personal computer.

What I tried so far

Attempt #1

I tried to create a shared folder on the server and replaced C:Program Files and C:Program Files (x86) with directory symbolic links (see this post for how the idea came to me):

mklink /D "C:Program Files" "\serverwindowsProgram Files"
mklink /D "C:Program Files (x86)" "\serverwindowsProgram Files (x86)"

The problem is that permissions don’t translate well over network directories. In other words, my personal computer can’t execute anything that’s stored through the symbolic link (at least, when I boot the OS and log into my account, a bunch of application-specific error messages are displayed (like “Microsoft Xbox Bar” not found, and many more)).

Attempt #1.1

I then tried to symlink Visual Studio’s installation directories, as they are actually what I want to put remotely. The problem I encountered here is that I actually don’t know where all of the Visual Studio “workloads” get installed. Apparently, it is not possible to customize many of Visual Studio’s installation locations (see this). Every software of a workload can have it’s own installation location, and nothing seems customizable by the user.

I’m getting out of ideas. Perhaps would you know a way to do this?