excel – VBA insert an image multiple times without copy,paste

Little bit of an odd question here.

On one of my excel sheets, I generate a pdf document.

The code runs by adding in segments of tables as required and manually setting a page break as needed so that a table isnt spread of a single page. (most tables are 5-10 rows)

at the bottom of each page, there is enough rows left over to insert an image. the image is just a few squares and a text box grouped together to provide a disclaimer and a signature box.

currently I have been using the

sheets(...).cells(...).pastespecial paste:=xlpasteall 

with a few


to try make sure it runs correctly.

I keep running into the issues of 800401d0 method
copy’ of object ‘shape’ failed and error 1004 pastespecial method of range class failed.

I tthought it may have been becuase i did not have the doevents code but that has not remedied the situation.

I believe having the grouped shape saved as a single image embedded in the workbook may be easier so that I may use insert rather than copy.

the problem is I do not know how to go about this.

I could save the shapes as an image outside the worksheet, but when i do this, the quality drops and the text becomes blurry.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.