excel – Range.Find to return the correct value based on criteria

I am trying to import tasks from a sheet (WS) to the main tracking sheet (Subtasks). The import sheet has milestones and then subtasks within each milestone.

My code imports the milestones and then goes back and imports the subtasks for each milestone. However, if the added milestones have the same title as those already on the Sub Task sheet, you will add the sub tasks to the inoculated milestone. I am using Range.Find, I understand that I would find the first match, which is not what I want, I want all the time. So I want to add criteria, so if a match is found, and the value in column H is equal to the value in N9 in the worksheet, and then the value in Subtask Column I is equal to the value value N10 in WS, then add.

If not, find the next one and try again. However, I can't seem to get it to work.

                Set findactivityintasks = .Range("B3:B" & lastrowsubtasks1).Find(What:=(ActivtiyforDeliverable), Lookat:=xlWhole)
                If .Cells(findactivityintasks.row, TDSNumCol).Value = ImportWs.Range("N9").Value And .Cells(findactivityintasks.row, MileStoneNumCol).Value = DeliverableActivity Then
                    newdeliverablerow = (findactivityintasks.row)
                    Range.FindNext 'WHAT GOES HERE