EU geoblocking requirements for Magento 1

A new regulation is active from December 3, 2018. It prohibits suppliers from blocking purchases from anywhere within the EU. However, you can still prevent people from requiring shipments to their respective countries.

This means that people living in the border regions of foreign countries can now buy products from suppliers in different countries, if they have no problem picking them from the supplier or sending them only to the supplier's country (a storage space, post box). ).

Now, for Magento 1 there is a configuration for the countries allowed in the backend (System -> Configuration -> General -> Countries allowed [general/country/allow]), which is documented below:

Country Options set the country where your company is located and the countries from which you accept payment.

That, however, is not what the option is doing. Allowing all countries here allows all these countries both the invoice address (accept payment from) and the delivery address (send to).

To comply with Geoblocking legislation, we would need an option to restrict shipping to certain countries only, and allow billing to all EU countries (or only configured).

We are currently using OneStepCheckout, and they responded that they handle it in the way standard verification works.

How are you going about the implementation of this change?