Ethic and business

This thread is about, lie to, cheat and deceive the client, selling things that he doesn’t need, price inflation, give him long finishing terms and so on

In the design career design process teacher told us about ethics in the design work. He mostly, told that you may not steal others designer work and take the merit of it

Also told us to not lie to the client by telling him that you need more time than necessary to deliver the job

Not to tel him that it will cost more that it is worth, don’t cheat him and charge extra for typical design tasks

Don’t sell him what he dose not need, and so on

I must admit that back then I was a social-moral nihilist and don’t bother much about ethic because I was seeing numbers,atoms and molecules if you understand what I mean.

So after a marketing seminar I attended, the man how give it showed me that there are another reality interpretations so he told me that if you build up a friendly and mutual beneficial relationship based on care and generous affects yo can grow both and make more money and you as the designer have a peaceful conscience and live more happy knowing that you din not do nothing illegal from the point of view of moral and ethic.

So at this point I must admit that I did wrong and disgusting things in my career as a designer, made a lot of mistakes, OK. But that attitude was a product of past experience with clients, bosses and person as well.

Now I know that it is recommendable and for me now is the best way to work, to have your “soul” in peace and that you maybe lose money, health from the stress that the situation that you are in produces, sleep bad and other effects of being correct and not cheat the client.

Some time the client is a moron who thinks that for the reason that they pay you they can afford to talk to you in an unpleasant way, and hurry you up so you do the job faster because he has an important event to accomplish in a short period of time.

To the point, what I what to know if you think that applying ethic to your work is something secondary or not important and the most important thing is that the client is happy and proud of the result of the job.