Error creating the availability group

I have problems creating a new availability group in a Windows cluster. I have 3 nodes in the cluster. Two nodes are run as an FCI and a single independent node that is a member of the Windows cluster.

Msg 19405, Level 16, State 17, Line 2
Failed to create, join or add a replica to the availability group & # 39; SQL Cluster 2, because the & # 39; DRNode & # 39; is a possible owner for the replica & # 39; DRNode & # 39; and & # 39; SQL Instance & # 39 ;. If a replica is a failover cluster instance, remove the overlapping node from its potential owners and try again.

I have solved this problem by removing the DRNode from being a possible owner of the SQL FCI, but the problem persists. Do I need to restart the role to be effective?

I have confirmed in PS that it is correct.

    PS C:  Windows  system32> get-clusterownernode -resource "Red SQL
Name (Name FCI) "

ClusterObject OwnerNodes
------------- ----------
SQL network name (FCI Name) {Node1, Node2}