Equipment recommendation: How can I find a cheap main lens (28 mm) to use inverted in a Canon DSLR?

Your best option is to get an old manual focus lens. While there are new lenses available, they are likely to cost more with little benefit for their purpose (experimentation with lens inversion).

The assembly does not matter because you will use it with an investment ring.If you want a lens you can use it normally in your camera. with an adapter, look for the PK, OM, M42 or Nikon F lenses. If you are willing to spend a little more, consider the Pentax SMC lenses. Also, consider other focal distances. 50mm tends to cost less.

  1. Go to your favorite auction site.

  2. Search for for "EF lens reversal ring". Ask for 52mm and 58mm rings. (~ $ 10)

  3. Search for for "28mm lens". Sort by price Show "Buy It Now." Click on whichever is of your interest. Read the descriptions to make sure there are no major problems. Try to find one that uses 52mm or 58mm filters. (~ $ 25)

  4. You may need a reducer ring from 58mm to 55mm, depending on the lens you choose.

  5. You may need a mounting adapter, if you want to use the lens "normally".

Some lenses can be a bit more difficult to use.

  • EF / EF-S lenses. You are probably already avoiding them because they do not have an opening ring.
  • FD lenses. The opening does not work unless a certain mechanism is activated. However, FL lenses should be fine.

  • M42 lenses that are only automatic. If you intend to use them also normally, the M42-EF adapter will hook the pin to keep the lens in stop mode.

  • PK / OM / Nikon-F lenses. The opening will not close unless a connection pin is activated. If you intend to use them also normally, the adapter will keep the pin engaged so that the opening works in stop mode.

  • Other assemblies may have similar opening problems. In most, you should be able to hook the opening pin with a spacer cut out of cardboard.