encryption – Is it possible to crack a laptop’s encrypted hard disk?

In a talk about a lost or stolen laptop, it is said that:

even with hard drive encryption, eventually they can crack these secrets

But strong encryption is practically impossible to break. For example, it would take 6 billion years at 100,000 attempts per second to brute force the password of a MacBook using XTS-AES 128 encryption, presuming the user has set a 12-character random password.

So an encrypted hard disk could be cracked only if:

  1. the user has a weak enough password to brute force, or
  2. the encryption uses a weak algorithm
  3. the attacker is willing to wait billions of years

Presuming the last is infeasible, is it possible to crack an encrypted hard disk assuming the encryption algorithm is strong and the user has set a 12-character random password?