Email from cPanel and Outlook 2010/2013

What problems are you having exactly? If you are just configuring Outlook, choose one of those 4 and ask for help to configure Outlook. The steps must be the same in the others.

Basically, configure the mailbox in cpanel. In Outlook, go to the file menu -> account settings and then choose to add a new email account and use "Other" as the email type and choose the manual configuration. On the next page, you should request the following and simply enter what matches the system:

  • Email: the configuration of the address in cpanel
  • Incoming server: the host name of the server: ask the provider if you do not know
  • Incoming user: email address
  • Incoming encryption: SSL / TLS
  • Incoming port: 993 for imap, 995 for imap
  • Ougoing server: server name
  • Outgoing user: email address
  • Outgoing server encryption: SSL / TLS
  • Port of departure: depends on the provider, but can be 25, 465 with SSL or 587 with STARTTLS
  • The server uses a secure password (SA); do not

These are standard configurations and can be used in any other mail client.

A note about IMAP vs. POP3: IMAP stores mail on the server at all times and a local mail client cache. POP3 downloads the mail and removes it or saves it for a set period of time. As such, if several mail clients are used for the same mailbox, it is better to use IMAP.